Thursday, June 13, 2013

VIBGYOR high school, Haralur, Bangalore

VIBGYOR high is an inclusive school headquartered in Mumbai. it has classes from playgroup to grade 10. the most unique feature of this school is the free of charge facility of inter-school transfer anyday, anytime, which is a very big boon to gen-y parents who always dread shifting from one city to another (or even in the same city, from one area to another) fearing school admissions. with 7 branches in Bangalore alone, and many more across nation, it most certainly is a big relief to parents.

another equally good feature of this school is inclusive education. children with special needs are given admission, and are taught and assessed in individually required way. they are kept in regular classes with regular children, thus giving them a chance to enhance their social skills tremendously, which they cant do otherwise, owing to socially prevalent biases and prejudices.

the 3rd very good feature of VIBGYOR is the meticulously designed curriculum. all schools across nation get a fixed curriculum from Mumbai. the curriculum mentions what, when and how to teach in the most detailed way. in all centers, on a particular day the same thing is taught in the same way in respective grades.

the Mumbai office makes sure to monitor the quality of education across all centers. teacher training, coordinator training, help-desk training, technician training, staff training is taken as seriously as student training. school organizes workshops for parents, thus training parents on many aspects, ranging from parenting to education.

sports and arts are not a part of extra-curricular activities, but a part of main curriculum. there are speech, drama, indoor games, outdoor games, arts, library, dance, music, and much more, all compulsory for everyone. besides subject assessments, children also perform  & get assessed in all these non-academic areas.

and of Haralur branch in Bangalore, the USP is its principal, M.Geetha. she is a wonderful lady with deep understanding of special needs and compassion for children with those needs.

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